My name is Amber, I have lived between Paris, Berlin and Basel. For some time now I am a constant traveller to Sicily. I offer both tours and also guided tours of the French Riviera, Rome and Sicily.

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My choice to become a guide is because of my insatiable curiosity and a lover of beauty. My ambition is to continue seeing and learning about our world and its people. This will enable me to share the knowledge and experiences I have amassed over time including my taste for beauty, nature, culture, history, monuments, art and the desire to love and respect them.

The spectacle of nature provokes feelings of peace and well-being. The art created by man allows us to be at one with the artist, to understand the moods, emotions and deepest feelings. My goal would be to give you the access to fully understand places, monuments and works of art.

As your guide, I will impart my knowledge and look forward to showing you the pleasure of seeing works of art, how they can affect the daily life of my interlocutors, learning to respect and protect the beauty that surrounds us.

I have a great passion for sports and motorcycles, as athletics instructor (certified in Italy) I can offer run tours, a quick and healthy way to discover the city you are staying in, for a brief time. As I cannot leave my Suzuki Bandit 650 alone for long I also offer motorcycle tours in Sicily only for the moment!

Come and discover the beautiful French Riviera, the eternal city Rome or Sicily with me through your personal choice of walking, running or motorcycle visiting museums, churches, and historical centres of these magnificent cities!

Dependent on your choice of vacation I will be happy to accompany you and share my passion for art in any of my beloved destinations. You are truly spoilt for choice - please feel free to contact me!


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